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Yesterday, today

Yesterday, Commie looked upon us and forbid us to speak. Today, we are allowed to rest on the grass, to contemplate the sky and to talk freely. In fact, yesterday we weren’t even allowed to think for ourselves, for Commie feared reason. Today, each of us can express in any way, be it writing or singing. In fact, yesterday we couldn’t love or prove we cared because that provoked anxiety to a soulless being such as Commie. Today, we can hold tightly in our arms the person dearest to us and say an honest “I love you”. Yesterday, belief in God was forbidden, because Commie feared purity as would any creature which wouldn’t believe in beauty. Today, I can believe in my God just the same as everybody else can believe in theirs. Yesterday, Commie forced us to go his way, for he feared free will. Today we can choose if we want to study or not. We have the strength to build our future however we may wish. Yesterday, Commie couldn’t stand the thought of citizens spending their income freely and he would rather do that for them. Today, we are allowed to enjoy our earning by investing it the way we wish and even leave an inheritance to our descendents. Yesterday we could only express ourselves through Commie’s projections. Today, we can finally support our principles and choose the people in which we want to believe.

Alexandru Marin



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